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L1 Diploma Course
(Complete in 1 Month)

1 Month WordPress Full Course

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L2 Diploma Course
(Complete in 2 Months or 2.5 Months Depending on Course)

L3 Diploma Course
(Complete in 3 Months or 3.5 Months Depending on Course)

L5 Diploma Course
(Complete in 5 Months)

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Frequently Asked Questions About Courses

Please utilize the form provided to forward your inquiries or concerns regarding any of the courses offered. We welcome all questions and will do our utmost to provide comprehensive responses in a timely manner.

Certainly, our courses are available in both online and physical formats, catering to the diverse learning preferences and needs of our students.

Indeed, an internship program is provided after the successful completion of the course. However, to be eligible for the internship, one must fulfill the requirements, which include completing the assigned project as per the trainers’ guidelines and demonstrating a comprehensive understanding of the course content.

Yes, you will receive industry recognized certification upon the completion of the course. However, you are required to fulfill all the requirements to receive the certification.

Absolutely, we encourage students from every background to enroll in our courses.

Vrit Technologies provides internship and placement opportunities to students who successfully passed the project defense. Furthermore, students will also receive a lifetime access to resources of the course.