Building a E commerce Website

3.1 Introduction to WooCommerce 

3.1 Installation of WooCommerce Plugin 

3.1 Start of a Ecommerce Website 

3.1.1 Theme Selection

3.1.2 Required Plugins Installation 


3.2 Setting up the WooCommerce 

3.2 Adding Products 

3.2.1 Products Details 

3.2.2 Product Featured Image and Image Gallery 

3.2.3 Product Inventory

3.2.4 Setting up Shipping in WooCommerce 


3.3 Setting up Payment Method in WooCommerce 

3.3.1 Payment Gateway Plugins Installation

3.3.2 Payment Gateway Setup

3.3.3 Paypal SandBox 


3.4 Marketing and Coupon Code in WooCommerce 

3.4 Orders in WordPress Dashboard

3.4 Customizing the Shop Page 

3.4 Finalizing the Ecommerce Website 


3.5  Reviewing Student’s Ecommerce Website 

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