Front-End Technologies


– Introduction to HTML

– Learn the anatomy of HTML syntax to structure your websites.

– How to structure text in HTML.

– What are tags in HTML: heading, div, paragraphs, etc.

– Structure text in HTML

– HTML Elements, Attributes

– Unordered and ordered lists

– How to insert images using anchor tags

– Table layout and content

– Learn HTML best practices, Forms

– HTML identifiers: class and Id

– Linking CSS and scripts


– CSS introduction and styling

– How to use CSS selectors, pseudo-selectors, and properties.

– Class vs. Ids and how to target each.

– Learn about how to use inline, internal, and external CSS

– Learn the anatomy of CSS syntax and structure.

– CSS Box Model: Borders, Margins, and Padding

– Font and Background styling

– List and table styling

– How to use CSS float

– Responsive web design with media queries.


– Introduction and Installation of Bootstrap

– Understanding the Bootstrap grid layout system

– Learn to use other Bootstrap components such as buttons

– Form-control class in Bootstrap

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