SMTP and Hosting

4.1 Introduction to SMTP 

4.1.1 Installing the SMTP Plugin 

4.1.2 Setting up the SMTP Plugin

4.1.3 How the SMTP works

4.1 Introduction to All In One Migration Plugin

4.1.1 Installing the All in One Migration Plugin

4.1.2 Backing Up a Website

4.1.3 Importing a Website


4.2 Domain and DNS

4.2.1 Introduction to Domain and DNS

4.2.2 Introduction to CloudFlare

4.2.3 Adding Domain, Changing NameServer and Adding DNS 

 to the Domain.

4.2.4 Registration of .np domain


4.3 Introduction to Hosting and cPanel 

4.3.1 Hosting plan for WordPress

4.3.2 Getting Familiar with cPanel

4.3.3 Installing WordPress to the domain

4.3.4 Migrating the Site from localhost to the hosting plan


4.4 Troubleshooting and Debugging 

4.4.1 Common WordPress Issues and Solutions

4.4.2 Common XAMPP Issues and Solutions

4.4.3 Common Hosting and Domain name Issues and Solutions


4.5 Project Pitching

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