WordPress Themes and Plugins

2.1 Understanding and Installing Themes 

2.1 Uploading and Installing Themes 

2.1 Theme Customization Navigation 


2.2 Theme Customization 

2.2.1 Adding Site Icon

2.2.2 WordPress Customize Options

2.2.3 Theme Options 1: Global

2.2.4 Theme Options 2: Header, Breadcrumb and Blog

2.2.5 Theme Options 3: Sidebar, Footer and Performance


2.3 Understanding and Installing Plugins 

2.3 Uploading and Installing Plugins 

2.3 Contact Form and Working with plugins 


2.4 Installation of Elementor Plugin 

2.4 Editing with Elementor

2.4 Elementor Widgets 

2.4 Creating a Homepage with Elementor 


2.5 Checking the Responsiveness of the site 

2.5 Managing the elements with respect to the  screen size 

2.5 Adding Links and Navigations To The Elements 

2.5 Writing Additional CSS and How does it work? 

2.5 Adding External Code Js and CSS. 

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