Want a day off?

Sometimes, we all require a break, and there are instances when it simply doesn’t feel appropriate. On occasion, we have priorities that surpass the significance of our regular work, such as spending quality time with our family, going on dates, or even dealing with illness.

crucial to prioritize what truly matters

While we understand the importance of taking breaks for personal reasons, it is crucial to prioritize what truly matters. We must consider the impact of our choices on our responsibilities and commitments. Assessing the urgency and significance of each situation allows us to make informed decisions about what to prioritize. By striking a balance between personal needs and professional obligations, we can ensure that both aspects of our lives are adequately addressed.

How it works?

Once you submit a leave request, it will undergo a review process by the HR department, and upon approval, your leave will be granted. We want you to know that we’ll miss you during your absence as well. Best wishes for a speedy recovery or a rejuvenating break.

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