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Studying abroad is a dream for countless students, offering a chance for diverse experiences, global education, and personal growth. However, the path to realizing this dream is often burdened with complex visa procedures. To address these challenges, Vrit has introduced Educational Consultancy Management Systems as invaluable tools, to simplify and organize the visa processing journey for students seeking to study abroad. This article explores the multiple ways in which Vrit’s system facilitates the visa processes for students, making international education more accessible and achievable.

The Complex Landscape of Visa Processing for Students

The journey to studying abroad begins with securing a visa, a process that can be overwhelming for many students. Visa requirements vary from country to country, encompassing documentation, financial statements, language proficiency tests, and more. The complexities of these processes often lead to stress and confusion among students who are already dealing with the idea of adjusting to a new academic and cultural environment.

Features that Vrit’s Educational Consultancy Management System Provides

Vrit’s Educational Consultancy Management System provides the following features to simplify the process of university and visa applications:

Centralized Information Management

Vrit’s Educational Consultancy Management Systems act as centralized hubs for storing and managing critical information. By centralizing data related to student profiles, academic records, test scores, and visa requirements, these systems create an organized flow of information. This centralized approach ensures that all necessary documents are in one place, minimizing the risk of errors during the visa application process.

Customized Experience

By specifying the study preferences like degree type, preferred course, starting year, and destination country, Vrit’s Educational Consultancy Management System customizes the results according to the students’ preference. They can filter the universities according to the countries they choose. Moreover, if students are unsure about the destination country, they have the option to choose at most three countries and filter their search results.

Application Transparency

Within the application module, students can view all the colleges or universities they applied to. In addition, they can check whether their documents have been processed or are still in the pending state. Moreover, students can check their application status (granted/rejected) from the app itself. If the application is rejected, the reason for rejection is also provided so that students can fix any issue in the documents or processes and reapply.

Enhanced Communication Channels

Effective communication is vital throughout the visa application process. Vrit’s Educational Consultancy Management Systems incorporate features such as chat functionalities, discussion forums, and document sharing capabilities. These tools facilitate clear and efficient communication between students, consultants, and relevant authorities. Students can chat with counselors in the chats section and add or view posts in the community section.

University and Course Details

Inside the dashboard, the university and course details are easily accessible. Information regarding the university type, fee per year, course name, and duration can be viewed for all the universities. Additionally, for the course details, students can access the entry details like minimum PTE score, IELTS score, and TOEFL score. They also get detailed information regarding the career outcome after studying the particular course.

Data Security and Privacy Compliance

Given the sensitive nature of the information involved in visa applications, data security is a top priority. Vrit’s Educational Consultancy Management Systems follow security protocols and privacy regulations, safeguarding students’ personal and academic information. This commitment to data security enhances trust and confidence in the system, encouraging students to rely on the system for their visa processing needs.

Integrated Payment Module

Students can pay for the required processes within the comfort of their home. They can view the due amount and payment history which makes the settlement process transparent. To make it accessible and convenient for the maximum number of students, Vrit has integrated various APIs like Esewa, PayPal, Connect IPS, Fone Pay, Khalti, and Visa Card. Students can choose any one of the options to easily make the payment.

The Future of Visa Processing for Students

As technology continues to advance, the role of consultancy systems in simplifying visa processes for students evolves further. The collaborative efforts between consultancy software systems, educational institutions, and consultancy institutions are likely to increase, facilitating a more interconnected and efficient visa processing system. This collaboration can lead to standardized processes, reduced administrative difficulties, and enhanced communication channels, ultimately benefiting students seeking international education opportunities.


Vrit’s Educational Consultancy Management Systems helps in simplifying and enhancing the visa processing for students wanting to study abroad. By addressing the challenges of document verification, and complex application procedures, the educational consultancy management system has become a guide light for efficiency and transparency. As international education continues to grow, the role of Educational Consultancy Management Systems in supporting students on their journey is growing too.

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