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Best 10 Job Portals Of Nepal

There are many job portals in Nepal, but not all of them are good. Here is a list of the 10 best job portals in Nepal, based on our experience. These job portals have helped us find the best jobs in Nepal. We recommend them to anyone looking for a job in Nepal.


What Are Job Portals?

Job portals are websites that allow job seekers to search for open positions and apply for jobs online. Many job portals also provide resources and advice for job seekers, such as resume tips and interview advice. Some of the most popular job portals include Indeed, Monster, and CareerBuilder.

Job portals make the job search process more efficient by bringing together employers and job seekers in one place. This can save employers time and money by eliminating the need to post job openings on multiple job boards or conduct extensive candidate searches. For job seekers, using a job portal can save time by allowing them to easily search for open positions and directly submit their applications to employers.


Importance Of Job Portals

Job portals are one of the most commonly used tools by job seekers nowadays. It is a convenient platform that allows job seekers to search for job openings and submit their applications online. Job portals also provide employers with an efficient way to post job openings and receive applications from qualified candidates.

There are many advantages of using job portals. For instance, job seekers can save a lot of time and effort in searching for job openings. They can also easily apply for multiple jobs at the same time. Moreover, job portals usually have a wide range of job openings from different companies, which gives job seekers more options to choose from.

On the other hand, employers can also benefit from using job portals. They can post job openings quickly and easily, and receive applications from a large number of candidates. This can save a lot of time and resources for employers. In addition, job portals usually have a variety of tools that employers can use to screen candidates, such as resume builders and online skills tests.

Overall, job portals are a convenient and efficient way for both job seekers and employers to find each other. They offer many benefits that make the process of searching for jobs and hiring employees easier and faster.


Top 10 Best Job Portals In Nepal

There are many job portals in Nepal that job seekers can use to search for job opportunities. We choose the sites based on their volume of listings, simplicity of use, pricing, sophisticated features, industries and experience levels served, and reputation. We analyzed over a dozen multiple job sites in Nepal before deciding on the top 10 finest job portals in Nepal, which are shown below:


Vrit Jobs

Vrit Jobs is Nepal\’s most popular job portal, with over thousands of unique users each month, it prioritizes job searchers by providing free access to look for jobs, post resumes, and investigate companies. Its main slogan is “ Redefining Recruitment for Finance and Technology industry”.

Vrit Jobs is Associated with Vrit Technologies which is one of the best IT services providers in Nepal. Biggest doesn’t always mean best, but we chose Vrit Jobs as the best overall job website in Nepal because of its scale, the number of sectors and lifestyles it serves, and its unrivaled update frequency.

Vrit Jobs is 100% free for job seekers. It also has a salary information and company reviews section where you may read candid thoughts on potential companies before applying for a position or accepting an offer. Vrit Job\’s user experience is simple and straightforward, with the goal of expediting your job search has helped thousands of job seekers and employers in Nepal.

Vrit Jobs has a reasonable plan package costing NRS 750 for the featured jobs, NRS 1,500 for Hot job, and NRS 3,500 for Top Job which is decent as compared to other job portals in Nepal. 


Mero job

Mero Job is more than just a website. From the web to mobile to social media tools and apps, it helps businesses of all sizes find the appropriate fit by utilizing Nepal\’s most modern technology. Mero Job\’s primary purpose has always been to provide recruiting solutions to employers by identifying, nurturing, and preparing the ideal people in all feasible ways using an effective tracking system and a devoted customer care team for both employers and job seekers.

Merojob\’s employer dashboard allows you to register your renowned business, publish jobs, and use the simplified shortlisting process to hire the finest in a few clicks with technology-guided tools.

Mero Job also has a quite suitable plan package costing NRS 1,250 for the featured job ( 15 days display time ), NRS 24,000 for Hot Job ( 15 days display time ), and NRS 65,000 for Top Job ( 15 days display time ).


Jobs Nepal

Jobs Nepal provides services to the Nepalese recruiting and job-seeking communities. It is also one of the recruitment service providers that provide 100% free service to all job searchers. Its main objective is to bring the burgeoning Nepalese Internet and computing talent to bear on international Web development.

Jobs Nepal has been providing direct recruitment services since its establishment. It provides freedom to organizations to manage and organize announcements independently so that applicants can carefully review each section.

Jobs Nepal has quite an interesting way to plan a package costing NRS 800 per post for Featured jobs, NRS 850 per post for Hot jobs, and NRS 1000 per post for Top jobs.


Ramro Job is a renowned and rapidly developing job portal in Nepal. It is part of the Creative Job Pvt. Ltd. RamroJob offers free job posting services to job providers and covers practically every job in the Nepalese job market. RamroJob promises to provide detailed information to job seekers for free.

Ramro Job is in the beta testing phase, and their professional human resources are constantly working on website improvement and user-friendliness. At RamroJob, they constantly protect the privacy of customers and job seekers. They never sell their clients/customers\’ information to third parties without their permission.

Ramro Job provides different plan packages for its job providing customers costing NRS 7,000 for a featured job ( 10 days display time and 10 units ) and NRS 10,999 for Top Job ( 15 days display time and 15 units ).


Kumari Jobs

Kumari Job is the fastest-growing firm, distinguished by its valuable clients for professionalism, comprehensive human resource experience, quality-driven staff retention, and cost-effectiveness.

The company\’s goal is to make the job search process easier for professionals to stand out in the application process – and for employers to find the best talent – by developing the industry\’s most intuitive user experience.

Kumari Jobs also has their own plan package for employers which cost NRS 10.000 for the featured jobs ( 4 units and 14-day display time and NRS 24,000 for the Top job (4 units and 14-day display time ).


Mero Rojgari

Mero Rojgari is an online network that publishes open employment information across Nepal. It publishes such information on its website, the main Facebook page, and other Facebook pages and groups.

Mero Rojgari is a free platform for employer companies. If you need an employee, you can publish the information in my employment for free.



CMS Job is a job portal managed by Catalyst Management Service Nepal Pvt. Ltd. It offers human resource management consulting services such as the development of various policies, procedures, and SOPs related to a broader scope of human resource management.

The main objective of this job portal is to support job seekers and employers rather than earn a profit.


Kantipur Job 

Kantipur Job is a human resource solutions expert that has been delivering Human Resource Management and associated solutions to enterprises throughout Nepal since 2012.

The job portal is dedicated to providing the best services to clients and job seekers in a wide range of fields and professions, with candidates ranging from entry-level associates to mid-level managers to first-level managers. It provides customers with a variety of recruitment options and helps the company to choose the right staff.


Growth Sellers

Growth Sellers is a Job portal website focused to provide organizations with comprehensive HR support services. It has been functioning in the Nepalese market since 2008. Since its founding, it has been offering high-quality HR and management consulting services to Nepalese corporations and development organizations.

Growth Sellers has covered various aspects of human resource domains such as recruitment, HR policy, operational guideline development, organizational restructuring and system development, human resource supply, employee productivity, professionalism development, performance management, salary survey, training and development, research, and many others.

Growth Sellers also provides a sensible plan package for its customer is priced at NRS 13,050 for the featured job ( 15 days display time and 9 units ), NRS 14,700 for Hot Job ( 15 days display time and 5 units ), and NRS 26,250 for Top job ( 15 days display time and 5 units ).



Jobejee is Nepal\’s fastest-rising job portal. It helps to look for and apply for jobs while also having a stress-free application process.

Jobejee is the place to look for new chances. Jobejee helps to locate your ideal job in minutes and apply for it with a single click. It also helps to quickly evaluate your CV performance and follow your applications.



The job market in Nepal is ever-changing and it can be difficult to keep track of the latest job portals. However, we have compiled a list of the top 10 job portals in Nepal so that you can stay ahead of the competition. Keep in mind that this list may change over time, so make sure to check back often for updates. We would love to hear your thoughts on this topic – do you think there are any other job portals that should be included on this list? Let us know in the comments below!


Comparison Of Plan Package of Top 10 Best Job Portals Of Nepal

Job Portal Company Featured Job 


Hot Job Top Job
Vrit Job NRS 750 NRS 1,500 NRS 3,500
Mero Job NRS 1,250

(15 days display)

NRS 24,000

(15 days display)

NRS 65,000

(15 days display)

Jobs Nepal NRS 800 NRS 850 NRS 1,000
Ramro Job NRS 7,000

(10 days display)

10 units


(15 days display)

15 units

Kumari Job NRS 10,000

(14 days display)

4 units

NRS 24,000

(14 days display)

4 units

Mero Rojgari
Kantipur Job
Growth Sellers NRS 13,050

(15 days display)

9 units

NRS 14,700

(15 days display)

5 units

NRS 26,250

(15 days display)

5 units




From the above table, we can see that various top job portals in Nepal have different plan packages costing variable amounts of money, but in the end, what matters is the features and the effectiveness of the job portals in selecting the perfect candidate for the employers. Judging from the above list we can clearly realize that Vrit Jobs provides the best-valued plan package in Nepal. It also has useful features for both job seekers and employers which helps to make the job recruitment process less time-consuming and complicated. It also specializes in recruitment for Technology and Finance industry.

Not only, Virat Job but also all the other job portals are good and effective which is why they are listed in the top 10 best job portals of Nepal. In the end, it all depends upon your personal opinion and your needs. I hope this article was helpful for you In finding the best job portals in Nepal. Comment down below, which job portal is the best in your opinion.

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